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  aka $₮¥£€ ("Style") 

   Mondlane, also known as MoMo, is a Chicago-born, San Diego-based

American contemporary Artis(t/an), interdisciplinary designer, no-limit culinary hack, and DJ. After 20 years of creating audio tracks and contemplating designs, he registered RunningOutOfSpace, his underground music company that he founded in 2019, and separated it into two format-specific brands:

   a. The ▝▟▐▗▜▝▞  ℗ imprint features "Vinyl Only" cuts released exclusively in the phonograph format. It aims to offer superior quality (reference A-grade, heavy-weight, master-cut) for every release through the creation and licensing of recorded sound, strong design, interdimensional art/interactive content, and artisanal world-class craftsmanship to achieve a unique look and feel for each and every release. We aim to match the uniqueness of the individual behind the music and to make bold statements that deliver the message within the release to make the work of art known, sought-out, and respectively collectible for its overall importance and valued as original, naturally rare collector editions.

   b. The Electronic-Music.Boutique online distribution label/pop-up shop and accessible sublabel and hub dedicated to trading commercially viable versions of selected tracks we've reconfigured and licensed exclusively for the digital format/market, and it's also the host for interdimensional content that is embedded and packaged with our vinyl releases. 

    However, after ten years of working under several artistic aliases, the formidable challenge of attaining a real sense of identity and market share left my label effectively "shelved." Additionally, a damning sense of lull arrived atop real-world uncertainty during the 2020-2023 global pandemic and forced a shift in my business model during a period that was too intense even to consider independently launching only record labels. Naturally, the desire to create and release more than music arrived as a breakthrough idea on how to expand my talent to other fields and attain creative freedom by launching $₮¥£€ as a concrete commercial brand. Through the brand, I aim to bridge the gap between old-world tradition and new-world innovation to future[tro] classics that represent me as part of the avant-garde that had to interlope on disputed territory in fields to collaborate and produce superior goods and accessible modern art.   

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All rights reserved

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